The R + V insurance is available as a reference customer!

The IBM mainframe has been a strategic IT platform of R + V insurance for many years. The core applications of the various divisions and the central data server DB2 ensure the successful completion of customer requirements. In addition to a very high technical competence of the R + V internal systemsprogramming group zBusiness Services was commissioned to conduct a WLM and performance analysis. To perform this first analysis optimally SaaS solution, the zWorkload Reporter ©, was used. The R+V insurance was really impressed by the results and the surplus value. Ralf Geyer - Group leader of Central Systems - said: "The zWorkload Reporter allows us to analyze data not only very specifically but also, above all, very dynamicly and flexibly. Therefore, we are able to identify deficits very quickly and implement a solution for the respective problems. "Due to good experiences during our analysis, the R + V insurance has decided to license our zWorkload Reporter (c). Besides, the R + V has also agreed to be available as a reference customer. We thank you for your trust and are looking forward to continue this trusting collaboration.


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