Inhousetrainings are a reasonably priced possibility to build up knowledge. A lot of our clients use this kind of training for their colleagues and they are very happy about the results.


z/OS "Basic" Inhouse training
You engaged new staff who needs to be taught z/OS Basic knowledge preferably fast and compact? This is exactly the focus of this 10 day training. In this course we cover, besides the z/OS basic functionality, even topics like ISPF/TSO, the ISPF Editor, USS (OMVS/Unix), JCL and REXX.

After that course the participant is able to take over easy tasks in the TSO & ISPF. He can also write and submit JCL and he can assign and understand diverse “short cuts” and subject areas.

The course lasts 10 days.


WLM Inhouse training
Especially topics like z/OS „performance“ or optimizing topics are most of the time not covered actively. Thereby own know-how to this topic is usually not build up and up-to-date. This is where our WLM training comes into play. This course doesn’t only communicate basics. It also communicates practical experiences and it explains how the performance is and which optimizing potential is available with real data of the client. You will analyze your data yourself and learn to handle the result of the analysis. Those performance analyses will be learned in basics and gained results will be evaluated and talked about.

The course lasts 3-4 days.


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