A lot of installations only have „finished“ JCL available to build up their z/OS sysres surroundings, which are really static in their function volume and which have the problem that a potential user needs “a lot” background knowledge to accomplish the buildup or a system’s clone. Our product comes into play exactly in this gap and makes it possible to clone any complex environment, once it has already been installed. With this, expert knowledge is not applicable and you are able to build your systems up new more often to take care in the production in constant intervals for example.

Especially now, when the release interval from z/OS has extended itself to two years it makes sense to trust in cloning to be able to use “SMP/E” personal for other things.

Coverage and mode of operation
zClone is an ISPF application, which allows the client to clone any complex z/OS mainframe environment. Not only IBM-software can be cloned. But every software from any producer can be cloned. It doesn’t matter if it is with or without SMP/E environment. Absolutely independent from whether or not the software SMP/E was installed or not.

Using our software you are relieved with SMP/E care and the huge work and you can counteract slipping team strengths effectively. The systems actuality is raised a lot, which helps to avoid problems and which also gives your staff the chance to take care of other tasks.


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