To run your Mainframe on a reasonable and low MSU level, the basic requirement is that all WLM settings are ideal. Clients often have the problem that they either have no possibility to create suitable graphics as a deciding base for WLM goals or they have tools in action, which already require “an expert’s knowledge” during the creation. Making the workload behavior transparent is decisive for all our decisions.

Therefore our approach has been to create a possibility that pretty much everybody - even the ones out of the operating department- is able to check and supervise “their” Workload, concerning their achievement of objectives.

In connection with a one day WLM performance – schooling, respectively orientation – we set the pre-condition for your company, so that many people can work on the topic “performance” and develop an understanding for this.


With the zWorkload reporter you have a simple possibility to present your consumption data and all WLM goals with informative and “management capable” graphics. Those graphics combined with the knowledge about Mainframe Performance make it possible for you to make WLM decisions, check them, or analyze problems goal-oriented at any time.


The best way to use our extraction-tool perfectly is to include it in your SMF process. That way we ensure that all necessary Performance data gets extracted and loaded in our database daily. Because this process happens during the night, there won’t be any interruptions during the day in zWR and you have access to your data and can analyze it through the intranet or the internet at all times. All other processes function automatically without you having to interfere manually.


The zWorkload Reporter is not a classic product that you install locally in your data center, it's a service or a better cloud service. For this reason, zWR is installed on servers in our data center. Access is encrypted via our website from the Internet.

From your point of view zWorkload reporter is a job that you need to include in your nightly SMF process. This extracts the required data and sends it. Another advantage is that you automatically receive all zWR system updates and you don’t have to worry about anything else (external server, backup of data, administration, aso.). Once installed, filling the database happens automatically.


The zWorkload Reporter exists of off two components. First there is the extraction program which collects necessary performance data on the host, in which the tool analyzes different SMF records. Besides that there is a computer component, so that the Mainframe won’t be additionally stressed because of the storage and the performance analysis. It also helps to avoid additional costs. The computer – zWorkload Reporter – component is universal to install and use directly on pretty much all current platforms. We’ll talk about the details with you as a customer for every particular installation. The installation and orientation happens through zBusiness Services GmbH & Co. KG. With that technique we are able to load even historical performance data into the zWR Framework and to generate meaningful graphics right at the beginning. Performance data, that is already older and isn’t needed anymore, will be removed from the database, packed and stored as a file. If you want to analyze that data again later, you can reload it through a dialog into the database. That way you can look at it and analyze every moment again as soon as our product has been introduced.


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